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Core Seminar: What Is It We Believe?

Sunday Mornings Starting February 16


Answers for Those Who Question

Sunday mornings at 11:00 starting February 16. Taught by Wes Smith.


Week 1 - Can the Bible Be Trusted, and How Did We Get It Anyway?

Week 2 - What Does the Bible Say concerning the Nature of God?

Week 3 - If God is in Control, How Come this World is So Messed Up?

Week 4 - Is It Important to Believe in a Literal 6 Day Creation?

Week 5 - Are Angels and Demons Real, If So, Where Are They and What Do They Do?

Week 6 - What Do the Scriptures Teach About the Nature and Work of Christ?

Week 7 - Is There a True and False Gospel? What Makes Christianity Unique?

Week 8 - How Can I Better Share the Gospel?

Week 9 - Closing Discussion and Questions